Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Another "Paint Monkey" Day.

Well the clue is in the title and I am sure you all remember what I have been painting for my mate Matt. So here are 6 more figures. And yes I still have the Tartan kilts to come. I am either saving them for last because I am looking forward to them or am terrified of them. I'll let you decide.

So today we have 3 more gun crew, in the front rank, two flag bearers and a musician in the rear rank. The Flags were purchased from Redoubt as part of the "Body's Banners" range. (There is one to go with the Tartan troops as well.) One has the Union Flag on it and the other an elephant! So very fitting for the period and troops. I think the figures are a mix or Old Glory and Foundry but don't quote me on that. I did not buy them, just painted them.

You still can't see the Elephant clearly on the second picture but why would I lie about there being one? Honest there is! All the colours match in with the other figures for this period I have painted so far and I expect to start the last batch once I clear the paint table again. (currently cluttered with 20mm zombies and 6mm BMD-1s As I will attempt to get one or the other done in the next few days, unless I get distracted of course! So I should crack on with the last few figures from Matt by the week end. (Yes I will do a group shot when done).

So that's it for today more again on Thursday, although not sure what it will be next. So until then, Thanks for dropping by take care and see you soon . All the best Clint

Monday, 28 July 2014

Zulus Thousands of 'em!

The British column.
Colin a fairly new member of the club hosted a Zulu game on Sunday. Having seen Zulu and Zulu Dawn I knew exactly what to do if only from a "Hollywood" point of View. Very little from this reading books hu-har! As Tim anted to play the Zulus I took the British. The rules we were playing were "Battles for Empire" and Neither Tim nor myself had ever encountered them before so we were all unsure of what to make of them I will give my feelings about them at the end in the conclusion.

So the situation was that the British had to take the supply column from one edge of the table to the other. The Zulu's all started hidden but I would need to find them but having a unit of cavalry I was confident that I could.

Found some Zulus
Having looked at the routes to cross the board It became quickly clear that I would have to cross a hill eventually so I bit the bullet and decided to cross the first hill as opposed to leaving it later in the game.

I will admit that I did not realise that the wagons would move so slow on hills but once started what choice did I have but to carry on.

Slowly forming a square.
I soon realised that on a good dice roll the Zulus could move 12cm and my cavalry could move 15cm. I did not see this as a big cavalry movement advantage so I decided to charge Remembering the Line in the Film Zulu which eludes to Zulus not liking cavalry. As it happens it turns out the Zulus do like cavalry , for lunch.

So with my cavalry destroyed and the Zulus "Able to run, run 30 miles a day and then fight a battle at the end of it!" And with now no cavalry I decided to ride out the storm. By forming square.

Here they come.

And More.

Thousands of them.

First contact! Yes a close encounter!

Getting surrounded


There were a couple of Hairy moments where close combat was initiated and I was also encouraged (by Colin) to break my square to bring more units to firing locations. I even went low on Ammunition fighting one face off. But in the end the square held and Tim conceded.
Conclusion: WE also tried the game with me as the Zulus and Tim as the British and he did not form square but stuck to line of infantry. The result that time was remarkably similar. Again the Cavalry routed off of the table and the British Line could fire at sufficient strength to keep the Zulus from a fully coordinated close range assault. Therefore I would imagine that the Zulus would need one and a half to twice the number of troops that we played with to be able to win.(so about 6 to 8 times the number of British)  But an enjoyable game and a nice break from the Sudan.
So Big thanks to Colin for hosting the game. My thoughts on the rules are that they gave good enjoyable game. They were simple and effective easy to grasp and play. Being purely colonial I do not see them having any advantage over Black Powder so I personally will try to stick to BP.
Thanks for reading. More again on Wednesday.
And would those of you Playing the Napoleonic Naval Blog game get your turns in to me BY Saturday 9am GMT.
All the best folks see you all soon.
Cheers Clint.

Friday, 25 July 2014

And so It begins (Sailing Saturday Starting positions)

Well today sees the start of my first (and I hope not last) Play by blog game.

So lets, start with the scenario. Or the reason for the battle.

Sit Rep:

The Game set up in my shed.
The Year is 1803 and the British have been blockading Spanish ports. Trade has been suffering and the Spanish Navy trapped in Narrow harbours and inlets Safe and Protected by shore batteries they may be but they are unable to bring any positive action either on this continent or on the “New World”. The Spanish crews are well rested, well fed but bored of waiting on their wooden worlds. The British fleet are equally bored but not quite as well fed or rested.  Shore parties have been sent inshore to forage but generally they have not been as successful as hoped.

The Spanish Fleet
Attempting to slip past
The Blockageing British.
Last night saw a severe summer storm and the British fleet blocking this port sailed to deeper water for fear of being dashed on the rocks. Now is the time for the Spanish fleet to strike out from their safe harbour and make for the New World to bring back trade goods and gold from the colonies.

The British fleet despite being scattered by the storm is larger but the Spanish will not get a better chance and risk being confined in harbour for months to come. If the Spanish Fleet can either escape or fight off the British fleet all British Merchants in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean will become Vulnerable and the Admiralty will be displeased!
British Players.

Admiral Ray Rousell  Commands a 74 gun ship of the line.

Captain  “Lucky”Lee Hadley Commands a 64 Gun Ship of the line "HMS Pachyderm."

Captain Edwin King Commands a 64 Gun ship of the Line "The Inconsistent"

Captain Peter Douglas Commands a 64 Gun Ship of the Line

Captain Curt Campbell Commands a 64 Gun Ship of the line.

There are also ships of British nationality converging on this port after the storm. (This allows me to introduce new players should more want to join mostly as Captains of Frigates.)
Spanish Players.                                              

 Admirante Francis Lee Commands a 74 Gun ship of the line.

Capitán Mr Lee Commands a 64 Gun Ship of the line

Capitán Michael Mills Commands a 64 Gun Ship of the line

Capitán Phyllion Commands a 64 Gun Ship of the line

Capitan Andrew Saunders a 54 gun ship of the line (starting 1 turn Later)

There is a 54 gun ship of the line (3rd rate) Known to still be in the port as well as a number of smaller ships Including at least 1 Heavy Frigate as well as a number of Frigates.
They all have permission to rename their ships as long as they are sensible NO "H.M.S. Floating Turd" for example. Or to stick with their character/real names as they see fit. Once that is established I will print out some proper name tags for each ship. (Yes My printer broke this week and No I do not want to buy a dodgy printer that had 1 previous owner).
So leading out the Spanish Fleet is Michael Mills. Followed By Fran then Mr Lee and Pyllion last in line and shutting the back door.
The British are scattered. Closest to the start of the action Is Lee Hadley (he can thank me for this later). He's still a couple of turns away so has time to act before the Spanish Juggernaut gets within Firing range.
On the First Picture he's closest to the shore on the right.
Also to the Right are Peter Douglas and Curt Campbell. There is a small shoal about three turns away 60 Degrees to Curt's front left. So No immediate danger.
Ray and Edwin King are to the left of the board. About as far away as Curt and Peter.
The observant will note that they all have large wake markers behind them indicating that they are all at full sail. As It will take them 2 or three turns to get into any action. This should give all the players a chance to both manoeuvre and to get used to how I am going to run the game.
 All the Models are 2400th scale and sit on 40mm by 20mm mdf bases.
Later this morning I am going to make the trip to Gravesend and play a game with only a few of the Rejects. And Sunday I have a club Game, so I will post again on Monday with an AAR and maybe on Wednesday with a different AAR as well.
Until then Have a good weekend and enjoy yourselves no mater what you are doing. And Think of me sweating my nads of in Postie's unventilated Shed of war.
Take care all Cheers Clint

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

1 day early!

Oh look a real one!
As I do not think I will get the opportunity to blog now until Saturday (best get something done for then). I thought I would get tomorrows blog done today! Yeah it's a crazy mixed up world!

So today (or Tomorrow if you would rather I have been progressing my Soviet 1985 (ish) Airborne Desant forces.

Yes that picture is a real one!

Here is my company of ASU-85's. The ASU 85 is actually and assault gun. Originally based on a PT -76 chassis but without the amphibious capability and now withdrawn from service in Poland and the Russian Federation.

My Airborne Desant force would be allowed to field up to 2 Divisional Assault companies. But as I only have one I will only field one, although I do have a couple spare so I may expand then to two in the future.

A Company consists of a Single ASU-85 to act as a company headquarters and up to three platoons each of three vehicles. For a total of 10 vehicles.

The 85mm cannon on each assault vehicle was able to fire HE, Heat and HVAT rounds which would afford it some armoured piercing capacity especially in the era it was first designed (Early to mid 60's) but not powerful enough to take a Leopard, Abrams or a Challenger which were the front line tanks of NATO in the mid 80's. But as the Desant force has missiles for Anti Tank Proposes These would hardly ever be needed for that role.

Well folks that's it until Saturday, have a few good  days and see you soon.

All the best Clint

Post Script: Those that have signed in for the navel game. I will send out more details Things like how to write orders I will understand and a Situational report before we start to play hopefully tomorrow or Friday. That will give you a 7 day window to ask questions and get back to me in with your first turn.

And cheers Guys for some great emails from you. WE have 6 players at present and me as Ref so It is quite balanced to begin with. But I will allow new players to join at any time by simply giving them a lower class ship of the line or in the final stages or if anyone is knocked out a Frigate IF they want to continue playing.

Post Post Script: Now Up to 7 Players and me as a Ref. PD Joined while I was typing this post! So hence the Amendment! (Gosh that sounds Posh!)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Growing horde.and PBB Opertunity of a game.

The whole lot so far.
Goodness me! more painted zombies from the "Zombies" game. As you will recall these are all the same pose and I have a few more 64) to do.  The shambling horde is increasing.

I am now up to 36 and am approaching critical mass for a game. Yes I know that from a game point of view more is better and that you can never have enough zeds! But 1 is far too many in real life.

They're coming to get you!
6x6= 36 Zeds
So I thought I would briefly mention why I am painting them. Well last year I was lucky enough to play in an online Play by mail game. Hosted by Shelldrake. It was a zombie game and only open to those in the Zombie bloggers association. So this year I thought I would repay that kindness and host a Zombie game of my own online. I expect this to start in a couple of weeks from now and will run as 1 turn a week. This will be as much roleplaying as wargaming. And I am pleased to say that I very reached capacity on the number of players I could handle for this game. All Zombie Bloggers and all members of the board of the living lead. 

So unfortunately there is no spare capacity in this game but you will all be welcome to follow their progress once it starts. I will probably send them out character generation info in the following week.


Totally unrelated to the Zombie Game.

I am willing to recruit for a different Play by blog game though. Let me Explain! Having spoken to Ray on the Phone on Sunday night he has not managed to get very much gaming done at all this year. So I have suggested that I can referee a Naval game (in the Age of Sail) and run it on a weekly turnaround. Players need not know the rules as I will take car of all the bookkeeping and fiddly bits. They will be responsible for their ship movement choice of targets [both ships and hull or rigging] and damage control parties. They will be told how effective their gun fire has been, in the abstract only. But no indication of what has been achieved unlit it becomes visible! Such as fires, explosions (very rare), loss of a mast etc. This should not be a drain on your time too much as I am thinking that each player would control a single ship of the line.

The fleet captains will be Ray and Fran (I suspect you have all heard of them as they are quite notorious). And players are under no compunction to obey any orders Issued by them. [I know I wouldn't]!

I hasten to add that players need not know the rules. But for the tabletop application I will be using "Blood Bilge and Iron Balls." with some slight amendments to make it possible to play on a Blog as opposed to tabletop face to face.

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in leave a comment. Or email me on


either for more information or for a place in the ship game or just a chat.

Ok folks have a lovely couple of days and see you all soon
All the best Clint

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Paint Monkey Sunday.

Looks like I shall turn "Paint Monkey " into a semi regular thing. Yes more painting for my mate Matt. And yes some more North West Frontier troops. I have no idea how many he's got now, but I do know I shall  be starting some more today. ( I am putting off doing the ones in Kilts!..... where I have to paint tartan) Yes I realise that will make you all want to see them more and that I should not have mentioned them. Oppsie!

 So any way here are 6 more figures that I have had to repaint for him. I suspect he got them on evil Bay. I am not saying they were badly painted or in the wrong colours or anything like that but there was no shading or highlights. So I did what I would normally choose to do if they were my figures and over paint every part of them. The bases also needed a bit of work so they were re done as well and they should fit in with the rest of his North west Frontier troops.

The Weather has been too hot for painting (ok not what we are used to here in the UK) for other parts of the world you are probably laughing at that statement. It has meant that paint was/is drying on the brush before it gets onto the figure! Enough of this wingding Pom malarkey, shutting up now and getting on with it.

 That's going to be it for today, I shall now go and prep some figures and get them primed before the thunder and lighting return.

Take care all, have a good Sunday and if you do anything I wouldn't do please don't tell me I may get jealous!

All the best Clint

Post script. have got a sale on. It's worth checking them out. Not only do they do 10mm stuff (a growing range) but also some other scales including 28mm pulp  figures if you look hard enough.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Camoflage Bases! How dare you!

 Well the bases I was waiting for have arrived very swiftly. Thank you Warbases. for yet more excellent service. So I have been able to crack on with some more 1/300th scale Russian cold war stuff. But I still had 20mm by 20mm,  2mm thick MDF bases so I decided to start with some of the smaller stuff.  First up we have 2 divisional close Recce Platoons. There are 3 of the BRMD2 Armoured cars in each platoon each armed with a 14.5mm machinegun as well as a 7.62mm machinegun. Click the link to take you to the Wiki page. (LINK) . Nice vehicles not only capable of 100KM/H top speed on Roads) That's 62mph for us oldies still stuck in the old, non metric, age, but also amphibious. And if you have the money you can even buy a real one for around £7000. Prices vary as all will be second hand and "slightly used" from different governments. And being equipped for NBC operations you might consider it a zombie apocalypse vehicle. Although getting spare parts in the UK after an apocalypse might be tricky.

Continuing the theme here are also single section of regimental anti tank vehicles. While these have a similar performance and capabilities as the armoured cars they are equipped with wire guided anti-tank missiles (Sagger C). Perhaps less use in a zombie apocalypse unless your zombies drive tanks.

My painting table is now abso-pheckin-lutley crammed with stuff now so no idea what will be finished next.  I have 6mms, 10mm 20mm and 28mm stuff all started at this point so I look forward to clearing a little space and getting things finished.

So unlit next time (Sunday) take care have fun and enjoy the sun or rain as appropriate.

All the best Clint

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

New Horde Started.

Well I have caved in and here are my latest zombies. Yes a change of scale and manufacturer and material and focus! I must have had another senior moment!

These are all Soft plastic from the board game "Zombies" which in itself if quite a fun game. As you can see they are all the same pose, and I have 100 to paint in all so I needed a quick uncomplicated way to batch paint them. Still loads to go but I have the next 17 undercoated and ready to start.

That will have to be it for today as I have some 1/300th scale cold war stuff calling my name and I am itching to get some more done.

So have fun. Enjoy yourself and hope to see you all soon.

Best wishes Clint

Monday, 14 July 2014

Death in the desert

The British Objective to reach the town
Battle was quickly joined on the southern route.
The scenario was that we had to get the remnants of he destroyed fort back to civilization. As the British (yes it was me) had lost the last two games this would end the mini campaign if we could get the troops back. I am not going to sugar coat it ! It was a disaster for the British from the outset. Firstly there was an escarpment which meant 1 of three options. A) Enter a bottle neck, B) scale the escarpment meaning we would move about 3 cm per turn. C) Split out forces, As time was against us and as we had limited ammunition we decided to split our forces in the hope that at least some would make it. Rob took the Northern Route, I took the southern.

I pushed my troops on as far and as fast as I could. But even in the first turn the Mardist troops were out and about. And they managed to charge my infantry that were in column.

The column held and an ongoing melee ensued. Being short of time to organise I hurled my second column into the brawl. While my Cavalry charged the Camalry. Both were victories for the British but not decisive so the Mardhist troops just withdrew a move.

AS My Cavalry were considered disrupted after the battle it allowed the Ansar foot to charge them. Nothing I could do evidently. Which resulted in them all being slaughtered.

Meanwhile on the Northern route.  The Marhdist forces had come out to play and in 2 turns Bob was wiped out to a man. Outnumbered and as we kept loosing the initiative poor Bob just got swamped. Each of his units was forced into melee against 3 or 4 times their number and without any initiative breaks no opportunity other than to stay for the most part in column. Disaster.

More and More Mardhist troops kept attacking and there was no opportunity to recover. I did manage to get one infantry column into a square but they only had 4 rounds of ammunition so they were never going to hold out for long. Whereas my other unit was attacked by 3 units of ansar and when rolling for my morale test rolled a 3 on 2d6 they fled the board immediately.


Conclusion: an utter defeat. 3 times in a row the British lost in the Sudan,  Looking back would or could I have done much differently? Well I could have kept the forces together but I don't think that would have helped as that would still have meant that the British were out numbered 3 or 4 to one with limited ammunition. I think IF the Ansar had turned up in dribs and drabs we might have made a difference as It would have given us more chance to organise. But in retrospect on this game the British were ambushed and there was not a lot we could have done to change it .

Oh well.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Compulsory troops

Despite the requests for zombies, I have none finished to a stage where I am happy to share them. It's like I am having to learn how to paint all over again. So excuses aside I have started to re-paint and base my 1/300th scale cold war figures. I have no soviet infantry so you'll have to look forward to them another time (which means when I buy some).

In the mean time I thought I would start painting and see where that gets me. Starting with a Soviet Airborne Desant Battalion circa 1986. According to the Bruce Rea Taylor & David Shepherd "Digest No:4" the compulsory troops for this force are:
  • 1x Bmd 2-Ksh (To act as Battlegroup Head quarters)
  • 2x UAZ469 each with a half section (acting as HQ security)
  • 1x Brmd 2 u (Acting as an artillery observation post).
You have the BMD (back left) the Brmd (front left) and the two Uaz 469s on the right. You can find lots of videos online should you want to know what they are like in full size and real life but these will do to represent my Headquarters for my Desant - Russian airborne force. I have studied Russian camouflage and am pretty sure the colours are close if not exactly the same as seen in the picture below. Maybe I should use a little more "tan" Paint so I will try to in by next batch. They are based on 2mm MDF bases with the rear edge painted white to identify them as part of the command section.
Thanks for looking today, I will be continuing with more of these today as well as the zombies so with a game report on Monday I predict zombies by Wednesday with a chance of gore and blood splatters.

Have a GOOD weekend folks and hope to see you soon. All the best Clint.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Finished (for the Moment)

Well it has taken a couple of weeks but I have now finished painting the colonial Indian troops for Matt for the Northwest Frontier. He'll see me Sunday and collect them and most likely give me some more to do, but for now I am finished and here are the latest Batch.

Sorry for the rough photography on a couple of the pictures (well none are perfect... ho hum!). Still they should give you some Idea.

7 Figures in this batch including 2 flag bearers. Again either Foundry or Old Glory. Flags are from "Body's Banners" stocked by "Redoubt".

Flag bearers from behind.
Rank and File
Rank and File from behind
All together now,
 The Last picture is because some bright spark usually asks for a group shot. So this time I thought I would save them the effort. It shows all the troops that Matt has asked me to paint this time out. One of the great things about Painting for Matt is that he never sets me a deadline so if I can finish in 6 months or 6 days he's content. And that is great as it really does take all the pressure off. So thanks Matt.

So now I have 4 days in which to indulge myself and paint what I want so I may well start too much and get nothing finished. But my plan however is to start some 1/300th Cold war figures and some 20mm Zombies.

So until Saturday, take care, have fun and try not to hurt anyone! Next episode should be Saturday so I hope you can tune in again then.

Best Wishes from Paint Monkey.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

More figures for Matt.

Three posts in three days. Good grief what's come over me!
Let's not get over excited. But here are the Infantry I have mentioned over the last few days. Yes I have 6 more to go and hope to have them done by Sunday morning so I can give them back to Matt. So I most likely will manage it which will give me time to progress one of my own projects. No Idea which one yet before you ask and not even thinking of it until then.

I will not go into much more detail about these I believe them to be a mixture of Foundry and Old Glory, with the majority being Foundry. It is all British Empire troops of the colonial period suitable for fighting battles in the Northwest Frontier.

Rifle armed rank and file.

Command Figures
All together

About Face.
That's it for today I am now back to posting every other day and with luck and a fair wind that means Thursday. So until then take care and hope to see you soon. All the Best Clint