Saturday, 24 June 2017

Finished in time to tomorrows game. (Unless you know othewise!)

Well the title says it all. I have everything painted in time for tomorrows game.  Or have I?

Starting with 5 tribal cavalry.  Firstly I have not had any message back from Matt so I am not sure if he has seen these yet. So he may want things changed. He probably will not but no problem if he does.

I suspect they are either Foundry or more likely Perry miniatures but alas I o not know. But I am confident some one will and that they will tell me. If I had to Guess I would say Perry miniatures based on the horses.

I have painted them in a random collection of colours so they should fit the tribal feel of the force, with some members having more money and being able to afford more colourful cloh and others less well of and having to buy the cheaper colours. I will admit that is all guess work on my part. So it could be very misleading indeed.

2 Officers for the Egyptian army. The one dressed in white is clearly European. While the one in the blue uniform is possibly Middle eastern and equally possibly Italian, Greek Spanish or even from Southern France or the Balkans.

Matt suggested the colours on these figures so I am confident they at least will e what he wants. Again not sure of the manufacture and more than happy for a more learned soul to inform me.

And while I cannot do a group shot I can at least show all the cavalry together. So the Last pic has all 7 of them in one shot.

Lastly I know Matt looked long and hard (Well that is what he told me anyway)to find an Egyptian MG> these I do know are from Old Glory. !  Officer and 4 crew and painted in the heat wave in a matter of 2 days.  The result was my red paint and a brown paint dried up and needed to be thrown away. I suspect there will be a few more as well like the dark blue (I know that was on it's last legs). As a consequence I will need to replace them tis week. maybe on Monday depends on what I am painting next. If Matt reads this before Sunday it will e more of the same and I will have to order paint as fast as possible. I am only semi joking when I type this as I am sure he will already

 Anyway despite the heat these really were fun to paint and being mostly in one colour were relatively easy.

That is it for today. But if possible have a productive painting weekend.

All the best Clint

Thursday, 22 June 2017

More Sudanese. (6 more)

Firstly let e Say that Matt has already received these. Which means I will not be able to show a group shot at the end.

Just 6 more marching Colonial era Sudanese. They are of course Wargames Foundry and are colour matched to fit in with Matts other Sudanese troops.

With luck we will be having a game with them on the weekend.

Next post in 2 days time. I should have some more finished by then.

All the best Clint

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Broadside AAR

Here is a report on the game we had at the Broadside show.

We were playing "The Men who would be Kings" rules by Osprey. All the figures terrain and everything else is owned by Tim who was referee. (Yes that is an Airfix Fort Sahara before anyone says!)
Peter and Bob took the Imperials while me and Matt had the Mahdists.
Our job was to hold the town.
With few rifles most troops are only visable to provide a spectacle.

My reinforcments arrive super early (on turn 1)
And I charge them into the British where I can.
The Cavalry and Camalry do well
but die quickly after destroying the British mounted troops.

The defence looks far more formidable that it really is.

In Retrospect all the mahdists should have been in hiding
 and waiting for the British to enter the village

A Scratch built
Nile steamer
carrying the British reinforcements

While Matt controlled the Mahdist reinforcements
 that arrived by river.

While we had lost troops the Town was
still in the tribal mahdist hands.
And we had given the British in the desert a bloody nose.

The Imperials assault the defences.
Keeping them out was darned tricky
As they had quite rightly shot the defenders to pieces
before assaulting.

The River battle was in full swing.
And despite an attempted boarding of the Imperial steam ship
the Mahdists  were just unlucky with the dice.

The British entered the town at the end of the day

 Conclusion: The Native players (both me and Matt) agree we could not hold the town. The imperial players also agree that while they could take the town they would not be able to hold it for very long at all.

While Questions would be asked in the House concerning British losses I would conclude it was a marginal Imperial Victory. Maybe in the future British foreign policy would change. But for now I accept the defeat and know in the future I would play the Mahdist differently in the same situation.

Overall though a good game and a good day.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Two Less well known Traders.

Here are a few of the less well known traders that were at the Broadside (Sittingbourne show). I mean absolutely no disrespect when I type this as I think they all have something to offer. And while they may not be new to you they are new to me. And for tat reason alone worth a shout!

Firstly WTW (Or Wargames Terrain Workshop.) Click for a ( LINK ). While they were not present in person Jim from Rochester Games and Models (Local seller link) had a large range well displayed. I have not spoken to the owners (Tori and Jim so I do not know but  )I imagine it all sold rather well.  I rather hope  so.

Another trader I would recommend. is BLOTZ. (Blotz link)I had previously not hear of them which clearly is my mistake. They seemed to be doing a good business on the day. MDF terrain of a quality and cheaper than elsewhere. I will most definitely be looking for them at future shows and maybe a sneaky mail order as well. Really nice guys and very helpful (at least to me). So well worth checking for mdf terrain. Seriously just click the link I doubt you will be disappointed).

Most of the other traders I knew... OK I did not know the airbrush supplies company, but then I do not have an airbrush so I would not.

Sorry it is a brief post today. Things to do and a shed to paint.....

All the best Clint

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

WWII British Vehicles. (Western Desert)

Just as a break from the show report and before I type up our game (which both sides claim the other has won)>  here are some WW2 Western Desert vehicles. While they were originally British so many items were used by each side that perhaps it is not as clear cut as that.

Starting with an SHQ Vickers mark 6 The light tank Mk 6 was produced by Vickers Armstrong while not the best tank of the time by any means it did serve quite adequately until it was replaced.  This is an old model and has been painted by me three times (this being the last time). The model is by SHQ and does come in a variety of makes each with different weapons. This is the Mark c and is part of  my old collection repainted. LINK ( ).

I have also finished a Tilley. this is by Frontline Wargaming ( And is one of the smaller ww2 vehicles that was used in the western desert. It also had far more commercial use and was used as a shop van as often as not. But in the western Desert you used what you could and while you may complain it was better than walking. Perhaps used as a staff car or more likely a crew transport it is quite easy to imagine these being all over North Africa and being used by every side.

 It was used as a shop van in civilian life perhaps delivering bread or perhaps used to carry workers to dig up the road. However in the Western Desert it could be anything from a staff car to a light tow to bomb disposal or even carry a mortar and crew across the desert. Yes and some were used as staff cars as well.

Just a useful light truck used in the war and for many years afterwards .

The Tilly is by Frontline wargaming and the MK 6 is by SHQ. Just click the links to be taken to them each respectively. I will do a battle report in 2 days time to finish the Broadside show off. That's for looking and with luck I will see you soon.

All the best Clint

Monday, 12 June 2017

Broadside 2017 show report.

Our Game
Supplied by Tim
Sudanese vs British.
I will write the game up sometime later
I will MOSTLY be concentrating on the games. I had to be quick so I dashed round taking photos in a frenzy. As such I have very little idea who put the games on or even what they are about.

So here Goes.

Gravesend Gamers Guild
Playing TANKS.


Texas 1919
Not sure who but I loved this game

Greek Naval engagment

Maiidstone Wargames
All the models and terrain is scratch built
Sci fi

Jurasic park

WW2 Western desert

Sittingbourne (hosting) Club
In her Majesties name

Sorry no details at all

Medway(Walderslade) group
Well 2 of them
Pax Limpopo I think

East street games I think

Sorry again NO idea

WW2 Polish vs German

Posties Rejects
Operation Caravan
6mm  WW2 Western Desert
Won best game in show

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Broadside Loot (Today)

Just a very quick post of the loot I scored today at Broadside. And maybe an explanation of why I got it.

Firstly NO impulse buys and nothing I was not happy with and even a   discount with every purchase.

Top left to bottom right.


Static Grass so I can get my desert terrain built and finished.

3 Pots of Paint.  (Gloss Varnish, Black and Negro.) All to replace paints that have run out.

Aeronef fleet (German fleet 1)

2 packs of Ironclad figures, Looking forward to doing these so expect them soon.

1 Pack of  Redoubt figures. More of this another time.

1 pack of MDF bases..... a nessercary evil. (OK I spelt it wrong.)

And Lastly a gift from Lee. A book on the Spanish Civil war.

 I will do a show report as soon as I am able.

All the best Clint

Post script: yes I know some of the above is a bit shaky but more details will emerge in the next few weeks.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Re-purpose, re-use-recyle, RE-PANT!

😎 I will let you decide am I a tight skinflint or an eco freak!  The truth is it just does not matter.  Here are my latest 20mm (1/72nd Scale) Western Desert Vehicles. I have taken 2 vehicles I was not using and repainted them to be 2 vehicles I intend to  use.

A quick re-purpose and they are ready to go. Clearly these are Horch Personnel transporters and were used where the German army went in WW2.

The models are by FRONTLINE WARGAMING ( LINK ) So depending on the year and where you want to fight WW2 they can be quite a variety of colours and Markings. In the new versions I have settled on Western Desert where they were used Typically they would carry a squad of troops but they could also be used as tows pulling either light antitank or Infantry guns or trailers of supplies. Quite versatile and frequently used much more so than any tank!

I have also lost the bases but generally they remain the same.

While they will not be a huge influence in the outcome  of a wargame they are quite important as they allow players to appreciate how troops arrive ready to fight.

So Far I have done German soft skins but I do have a couple of British/Commonwealth vehicles in paint as we read this. So the British will be coming next week. Barring accidents.

Until then have a great weekend and enjoy the sun, if it is sunny where you are.
Best Wishes Clint


Thursday, 8 June 2017

Grubby tanks German Radio truck. (1/72)

Over the Christmas period (I forget exactly the date). Pete at the club gave me a HEAVILY undercoated Opel Blitz  radio truck that he got as part of a job lot. So he passed it on to me. And this is how it turned out.

I must say I was pleased with the result. Yes parts could have been done a little better and if I was a modelmaker I probably would have. Taken more care. None the less it has come out OK.

Here is a link (Link) to where one can be bought.

I think Peter  will be both pleased and surprised with how it has come out. While I have no current use for it. I do have plans! Ssssh say no more in case they don't come to fruition. Several previous plans have failed to materialise. Still enough of that.

All equipment in the desert in WW2 was used by all sides so it is possible this may be used as British as I have deliberately left all insignia off.

I am in 2 minds whether to put it on a base. for now I will not but do not be at all surprised if in later posts I do! I will see if I can find any suitable MDF 2mm bases at the show on Sunday.
So time will tell if this gets a base or not.

One thing I do know is that there are very few 20mm manufacturers/sellers at the show (I think just 2, but I am willing to be surprised and wrong!)

I have included 4 pics so an all round view might be achieved. It just gives it a better three dimensional look.

Looks wise I wanted it to look used and abused. So I have weathered it appropriately, after all not so many car washes in the Desert! (At least not in war time).

Thanks for looking.

For those going to Broeadside I will be taking some fudge (Made it yesterday) BUT supplies are not inexhaustible so maybe only a taster!

With luck see you there.

And if not take care and enjoy the weather/election/whatever.

All the best Clint