Monday, 22 December 2014

12 ACW figs

 Well here are some more from the Analogue painting challenge. !2 28mm ACW Plastic Perry miniatures. I managed to source these from young Ray with some of my Birthday money. Despite the fact that I gave up Birthdays many years ago people still insist on presents cards and making a fuss when all I really want is to forget all about it!

So please do not offer my any congratulations or best wishes or anything like that.

Anyway these are for me to try out the "Songs of Drums and Shakos "rules. Yes I am aware that the rules are for Napoleonic period and these were about 50 years out of period, but the basic rules should work very well. At least I hope so.

Not so much more to say about these. Perry miniatures, hard plastic easy to put together and fun to paint about covers it. I have some Rebs on the painting table at the moment so I would expect to get them finished by Tuesday next week.

Not drawing this out, thanks for looking and more again soon. Have some fun and paint some figures.

Best wishes Clint

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Turn 21 Results.

Another one of those turns with NO Spanish ships shooting. Mind you only 2 British ships HMS Cutlass and HMS Agamemnon.

Most ships are seriously depleted now and any one could collapse (sink) from exhaustion. Most if not all are very battered.

The turn sequence was a nice mix which did result in long range shooting but nothing at all close. But Damage was done. Sometimes just long range shooting will weaken a ship just enough to make it easy pickings. Other times it just won't!

 Well we should all know the format by now.  First the Ariel view, then working anticlockwise from back left to front right. WE reall have done it a load of times now so I expect you Know the routine better than me.
 While Unicornico faces into the wind this turn safe in the knowledge that no British ships are in range. HMS Badger recovers from the collision with HMS Inconsistent. Crew can be seen untangling the rigging but no other details are apparent. Was Hms Badger playing possum?
 HMS Cutlass tries and very nearly succeeds in crossing the T of San Francis. While HMS Agamemnon and Cutlass empty shot into the Spanish vessel without reply. (The Spanish shooting was before movement so the damage was long range as the pictures are taken after all the runs actions are completed).
 El Interceptor and Mecedes both head out to sea with only HMS Pachyderm able to intervene. But the condition of the Pachyderm (Packy to the crew) is uncertain. But then again Captain Hadley does not know the condition of the 2 Spanish ships.
 At the end of movement El interceptor was now in extreme range. But neither ship was within arch of fire. This has the potential of another T being crossed If the right and wrong moves are made be any ship.

With the end of this turn I would say that the British have just about become even with the Spanish fleet. Next turn may be pivotal. Or it might be a damp squib!

As ever if you need more Photos drop me a line. And next turn will be next Saturday 8am please. As I like to get all the turn processed in the hours of Darkness so as not to Impede my painting!

I WILL SEND OUT DAMAGE REPORTS ON SUNDAY> Please do not send any turn back until they are received or anytime after that..

To be honest I did expect this game to be over by Christmas, Looks like I got that wrong. Milsey has also suggested I write this up  for the Wargames Bloggers Quarterly (WBQ). I guess he means a "How to run a Play-by-blog game and not and AAR! I might be interested in doing that if you think it would have any value and be worth reading. I am flattered to be asked though! (Cheers Milsey).

Thursday, 18 December 2014

An unexpected party!

Ok No Tolkien, Hobbit, Lord of the rings or even party. There was an unexpected Present though! Which is as good if not better, as I have always found parties to be a disappointment. While Presents are a joy to both give and receive. No It was not a secret Santa or anything like that. (well it might be but so secret that I don't know about it at all).

Yesterday I received a parcel. "Strange" I thought as it was not in an amazon box. "I have not sent for anything!" Ok I have sent for a few things from the North Pole if you are reading this James! So despite the postman saying it had been ticking I ripped into it. It did not explode!

It was from "Mantic" and was the last part of a "Kickstarter" I backed last year. I had already received some soldiers from them "Enforcers" and I must admit I was disappointed with the sculpts and the quality of the plastic and the flash that just would not come of easily even with a sharp knife. So truth to admit when that lot arrived I was totally gutted but I put it down to a bad experience and vowed never to do another crowd funding scheme.

Then yesterday fresh sculpts in decent plastics did turn up. No explanation just a new product. I must say it may well be on their web site but I was so disappointed last year I have not looked since. No I don't forgive or forget easily.

Still smile on my face now and I may get these painted up soon. Not sure anyone at the club will be playing the game now so it might be too little too late. But better late than never! I will get them done and then see what I think and if anyone is still playing!

That's it for today folks. Only 6 sleeps till the big day as I am sure those of you with kids will know by now. So take care have fun and paint up some figures. I know I will.

Analogue Painting challenge update:

I hope to finish 10 cavalry finished by Saturday and will then start some 28mm Reb infantry which I will try to get done for my posting day of Tuesday. It will be a push but I hope to get it all done. But the cavalry do have priority so until I finish them nothing else will get done.

Cheers Clint

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

LRDG Jeep.

Slowly (very slowly) increasing my WW2 20mm figures we have today another of the LRDG. Yes this time a jeep as opposed to a truck. I bought this one from Andy Grub (AKA Grubby Tanks) then promptly lost a wheel between the floor boards so If you look closely one wheel is different as Tim (Frontline) was kind enough to supply a spare one.

This vehicle was actually painted twice as it just looked too clean and tidy the first time and I wanted it to look rough and dodgy. (That's my excuse and I am sticking to it). As you can see the 2 crew have 3 machineguns. A lewis in the back and twin Vickers K's at the front for the co-driver. I did put all three of them on as I did not want you all saying it was undergunned! Come on we both know you would have!

This has already been on the Analogue painting challenge (Late last week) so it's about time it did make it here as well. The kit is mostly resin with some air bubbles and metal and did, apart from me loosing a piece go together with no difficulty. Nearly all the stowage is part of the same one piece resin casting just a sack or tarp added to cover air bubbles.

Patrol leaders did sometimes use jeeps as opposed to the more normal Chevrolet light truck so we have to assume the co-driver is the team leader and as such some junior officer. Given that the LRDG was mostly concerned with "Road watches" patrols were usually quite small but as they were often out for weeks at a time everything had to be carried on whatever vehicle they were using. So everything to get you there and back, all the food and water you would need and ammunition and repair kits as well as tarpulins and blankets to keep you warm at night watching a very boring road in the small hours without being able to leave your position and yet still stop any trucks moving without lights in the dark.

Well that's it for today. I shall be working on some more "Paint monkey" figures for the painting challenge and Matt for the next few days so I will post the AAR of the game I lost at the Club on Sunday soon.

All the best for now seasons greetings and all that malarkey. Have a good day and all that and with luck see you back here soon.

Cheers Clint

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Turn 20 Results.

Gain very little firing this time, Just two British ships. But It has been eventful despite that. As you can see the turn sequence favoured the Spanish. But alas when they came to shoot not a single target was in arc. Also lots of players did not send any orders in so they just continued in a straight line. One captain sent in about 5 emails. No problem with that at all as It makes intentions clear and allows me to work to them more closely.

 We are used to this shot by now. As You can see all the action is all over the place.
 HMS Badger Commanded by the valiant crew of "Mecedes" Rammed HMS Inconsistent further damaging both ships. But has now come to rest lying along side one another. A risky but hopefully profitable manoeuvre. In the background "Unicorico" is turning back towards port maybe returning home. Who can tell?
 HMS Cutlass turning to port (but not the port) brings HMS Badger out of arc. But has the plucky frigate got ideas of grandeur and is thinking of taking on the 74 gun San Francis?
 HMS Agamennon was able to bring fire on San Francis (every dice I rolled turned out to be a 5 or a 6) and at long range did damage to the Spanish flagship. One can only imagine that Seb the captain will not take this lightly!
 Mecedes and El Interceptor have the open sea ahead of them. As It stands only one British ship could possible stop them IF they choose to leave the table and create havoc in the Med!
 Same ships just a different angle but with Unicornico in the background.
 Unfortunately SS Guano took a Broadside from HMS Pachyderm. Fortunately only one shot hit. Unfortunately for Captain Mills is was enough. SS Guano is now sinking. Her Hull reduced to a sieve and the sea rushing in to fill it as the crew abandon ship. Sorry Lee no prize money here, that ship is bound for Davy Jones. Unlucky Millsy but you did carry the fight to the enemy to the last.
 The Captured "Mermaids Revenge" will make it from the board next turn barring disasters or a Kraken. (There are no sea monsters in this game!)
So that is the end of turn 20. I will try to send out damage reports this afternoon. As always if you want, need or desire any more photos get in touch. I shall look forward to any orders the Saturday next week 8am as per normal. But for Now I am back to the painting.
A Big thanks to all the guys playing and with luck I will see you all on the internet very soon.
Kindest regards Clint

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Ping Pong!

Today we have a parting gift to Fran (AKA the Angry Lurker). Postie has a nickname for Fran of the "Kung fu Panda". Ray also has a nickname for him and Fran for Ray. And neither of them are "Golden drop of sunshine!". They are of course FULL of swearing and extracting the urine! So with no further ado here is Ping the Panda by "Bombshell miniatures!" A very nice if small sculpt of the big guy. I hasten to add that this is not Kung fu Panda as Bombshell call him Ping and any similarity between the two are purely coincidental.

As you can see from the second picture Nothing like him despite my painting trying to make them twins.

So I shoved the figure in the post and sent it to "Postie, somewhere in Gravesend" And that should be enough of an address for the Royal mail to have no idea. Maybe some random "postie" will benefit from this  who can say.

Back in the painting challenge I have had a little upset. I spent2 days working on some (22) Sci Fi vehicles and when I looked at them this morning in the light I saw that I just could not be happy with them. So I have had to put them away for now, probably till next year as I sulk and brood about them. A word to the wise NEVER try to use an ORANGE wash on figures after 10pm. They really did look shite in the morning!

So here are a couple more shots of "Ping the panda" to be getting on with.

And now the 15mm Sci Fi is scrapped I will start some 28mm ACW in stead.  The first 12 are primed and with luck I shall have them done by Tuesday which is my next scheduled challenge day post.

Thanks for looking. I shall start the ACW figures later this morning  once the Primer is nice and dry!.

Hope you are having a good day. All the best Clint.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Egyptians (Paint Monkey)

I call myself Paint monkey because of the mess I make. not because I look like a chimp! (thanks Ray lol you Feckin' Ejit!). For my first entry in the painting challenge (Currently working on entries 3 and 4) I painted up some circa 1882 Egyptians for Matt's colonial collection/gaming.

A total of 24 figures by Perry Miniatures. 2 Officers 2 standard bearers and 2 musicians and 28 rankers.

As you can see they have a pretty basic uniform. White tunic and trousers Black webbing and a red fez. Apart from the officers who wear navy blue instead of white. This made them ideal for the challenge as It meant I could constrain myself to a very limited palette. Starting from a white undercoat they were first painted cream as opposed to grey as I wanted then to look more attuned to the desert and grey would have given a colder look. I don't find painting white easy but if you start with a light grey or cream base coat for blocking in, it does help a lot.

These got me off the mark and earned me 124 points About 1/10th of my target.

Thanks for looking today. next time will be a Pressie for Fran. which as of last night is also on the Analogue hobbies web site challenge.

All the best Take care and with luck see you all soon.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Turn 19 results.

As I wait for basing materials to dry I have time to post the latest turn of the PBB game. That being turn 19.

As always I will start with the overall board and then working anti clockwise from far back left to the front and them to the right. The turn sequence let the Spanish move and fire first. Not that they had so much shooting to do. But they (well Misley did some). Many ships have got a second wind and are returning to the fray while others are using the discretion better part of valour and leaving the table. Not sure how this one will end now.

 The overall shot of the battle clearly shows the level of confusion and the complete lack of organisation. 2 Ships HMS Challenge and Pina Colada have now left the board both under their own power and command. HMS Challenge being very slightly better off may take Pina Colada as a prize IF the British win the game. If the Spanish win Pina Colada will return to Spanish control.
 HMS Badger has ben reactivated this time with a prize Spanish crew from Mecedes. Which has now turned left and sprinted up the board.
 HMS Cutlass was then able to bring fire on HMS Badger but with very little effect due to the very long range. But at least one hit was done. HMS Agamennon has now managed to turn back into the fight. And now is at extreme range for Capitan Seb in the San Francis.
 The two Spanish Frigates are now heading across the board towards HMS Pachyderm but at this stage are so far from the fight that it will take them 2 maybe 3 turns to get in range. depending on what they and HMS Pachyderm decide to do.
 As you can see in this picture HMS Agamennon and San Francis really are at extreme range. No wonder when Captain Douglass ordered the crew to fire not a single shot landed.
 Captain Milsey did manage to fire at HMS Challenge as the ship sailed from the board, but did not inflict sufficient damage to slow the exit in any way. So Captain Curt and the remaining crew of HMS Challenge are now safely out of the game. But Captain Milsey did manage to get the parting shot.
 This has bought Captain Milsey and Captian Lucky Lee now into EXTREME range of each other. You need a 6 on a d6 to hit at that range. But both ships are damaged and only I know which one is better off. So for both captains it is a test of nerve to see which one (or both) breaks for open water.
The Mermaids revenge with her prize crew are heading to safty and the open seas. Anyone looking for a loan might want to talk to Lee's captain in 6 months time when the prize money comes through!

That's it for today. I will send out damage reports tomorrow as I want to use what light I have left to paint. As usual you will have 6 days to get your turn back to me before the next move is carried out.

All the best Clint

Friday, 5 December 2014

First Chasllenge painting day.

All a bit of a waffle today. Well the Analogue painting challenge started at 6am this morning UK time. And I have painted most of the day.

I am currently working on twenty four 28mm figures. I had them all prepped and based ready to go so come 6am I was set to start. I am the first to admit that they are not a hard paint.  Being the guy on the left (opps Ed. The one in the right, I can't tell left from right) . All one colour uniforms with no tricky patterns on them and no details on the collars and cuffs.

I have had very good progress so far and expect to finish them by Sunday. I think I have 2-3 hours painting time left to do and then the same basing time as well. So I suggest 6 hours left in total. I think this is the fastest I have ever painted. And the results are not too bad, even if I say so myself.

I have had one mistake. I did give a standard bearer an officers (Navy Blue Uniform) by error. And have had to re-paint it. I have not caught him up with the others just yet but he's not too far behind.

I can't show any photos until at least Wednesday or 24 hours after they go on Curt's blog.

So that's it for now and no Prep work tonight either as my sister is coming round.

Cheers Guys.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

More WW1 Germans

Yes Paint monkey has been busy again. Let's start with the fact that there are another 6 done. They have been colour matched to the ones painted by Ray and postie, but with different bases. Nothing wrong with Ray and Posties Bases of course but I prefer mine. (In the same way that they will prefer there own .)

Again I have put red flowers on the bases to make them look like poppies. As you can see there is a group shot of all 12 now they are all finished and have already been given back to Matt who did like the result. Consequently Paint Monkey has got some more 28mm figures to paint for him. But I will not be painting them until the painting challenge starts at 6am tomorrow morning. I am hoping that they will be an easy paint, you never know they may be as I want to use them to start the challenge. Which means that they have been cleaned up, primed and based. But that starts in 22 hours time, which is the future so for now I am trying to clear the painting table today.

That's it for today, thank you for looking. As ever please feel free to comment or not as you see fit. My next Scheduled post will be Saturday and Turn 19 of the PBB game. So until then take care have fun and like me I hope you will be preparing for Curt's challenge. I plan to send in my first entry for the challenge on Tuesday so will probably post it here the day after.

All the best Clint

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

No picture of Postie

On Saturday I travelled up to Posties shed of war. I was not playing as I could not stay all day. Additionally they were playing 7 years war "Age of Reason" And to be honest I know NOTHING about either the rules or the period, even less than I know about Napoleonic. So nothing, not a thing. I also had something on in the afternoon and was at the wargames club on Sunday. But it was to be Fran's last game in this country. So It was worth going to make sure he got on the boat to enjoy his company one last time.

So no AAR as such, just some thoughts about the game. As usual there was some banter. Mostly about Ian this time and some outrageous manoeuvres he had carried out in the previous game and that "Postie" should go on the wall of SHAME. Well Postie should, but mostly for his private life and not he does in a wargames capacity. I am not saying he sexually interferes with hedgehogs I am not saying that at all. But now you have that thought in your head you will never look on him the same way again!

Unusually for Postie he had not set the figures out but allowed the defender (Fran) to set up first. and then the attacker (Ray) to set up in response. I am sure young Raymond will make much mileage out of the fact that he had 24 army points and was attacking while Francis had 28 army points and was defending. He certainly was vocal about it on the day. (Perhaps, I cannot say as I was not there at the end, getting his excuses in early). So then each of the other players was given their place at the table and the troops they would command.

Before I get into that. I suspect that you will read a TRUTHFULL account of the whole day here. From Tamsin.
AKA Wargames Girl.

A slightly less accurate account here by Big Lee

And a load of scuttlebutt and disparaging remarks here by Fran

And also here by Ray

Now mostly they will take their time in posting any AAR as they all want to see what Tamsin writes first and then copy it while making their own exploits sound heroic and the opponents sound less so. Therefore you will have to wait a while for some I think.
 The Prussians attacking were (Left to right) Tamsin, Big Lee (No there is not a little lee as far as I know) Ray (Overall commander) and Surjit (The wild uncontrollable player but great fun because of it! Unless of course he's on your side and you need him to follow orders.)
The Austrians were Fran (He's not short, just sitting down) Mark (Smiffy) David (Izzy) John. Again from left to right. They were defending a small, (Very small) hill in front of Fran and open ground everywhere else.
 So the game started and tactics were not that widely employed as the number of troops on the table hindered movement as did the turn sequence as it is card driven with each unit having a card and being drawn from a shuffled deck.
 So cavalry generally moving faster than infantry the first clash happened there as all the Cavalry were set up opposite each other. (OK not all but MOST of the cavalry). John and Izzy had the Austrian cavalry and Tamsin most of the Prussian. So like two fright trains with drunken drivers they crashed into each other. Izzy is a player who much prefers to attack even while in defence. Which gave Tamsin little choice as the attacker so she also charged. Unfortunatley the dice gods (all praise the Dice gods!) were not in Tamsin's favour. John and Izzy did better than I was expecting.

 And the nice neat cavalry charge of the Prussians  was no more. Which is to say that most of the Prussian cavalry lost their individual battles and one unit was pushed from the board.

This is where I had to leave the game. So I will be interested to know how the game turns out. Will the Austrian cavalry continue to do well and eventually roll up the Prussian flank. Or will Tamsin get lucky with the dice and counterattack successfully.

And this still leaves the whole of the far end of the table with all the infantry. Would the Prussians take the high ground and what would Surgit do as that really could be anything!

That's it for today. Other than to say check the blogs listed above as sooner or later those good people will post a full game AAR. While mine takes us up to the end of turn 2.

Thanks for looking. I will post some more WW1 Germans next time. All the best Clint.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Turn 18 Results.

Well as said last week I have had to post this a day early as I am busy all weekend. So here's what happened.

Well the turn sequence meant British repairs were carried out before anything else. Which meant they did not get ant worse due to enemy shooting before the end of the turn. If (or more likely When) I do this again I will have a more regular turn sequence this way works great on face to face tabletop games but is a little clumsy in a Play By Blog game or so I have found.

Anyway, this turn nothing really went the Spanish way. Indeed it is fair to say that not a single Spanish gun fired this turn while 2 British ships did. (Yes only 2 due to arch of fire !)

Starting back left and moving anticlockwise to end at the far right of the overhead picture.

 Meccedes suffered two broadsides at LONG range. but due to accurate firing from HMS Cutlass and somewhat less accurate firing from HMS Agamemnon she lost a whole mast in a single salvo. but has now taken refuge behind HMS Badger, Unicornico the Other Spanish frigate has turned and moved out of range and is now heading for HMS Pachyderm.
 HMS Agamemnon and HMS Cutlass, are not crashing or trying to board each other and due to sail settings will pass without incident next turn. Unless they want to try to board each other, but that just would not be cricket. If they were enemies I feel that it would. They do need to give each other some more sea room though!
 San Francis has turned around and looks like she might be coming back for seconds. As El interceptor and SS Guano head for the open seas. Or are they both chasing HMS Challenge?
 HMS Challenge and SS Pina colada will probably exit the board next turn. There to await the outcome of the battle and determine in SS Pina Colada becomes an English prise or a free Spanish ship. Capitano Millsy may start to engage and be engaged with HMS Pachyderm if they continue in this fashion!

 La Venganza de Serria failed to take HMS Pachyderm in the boarding action and has now been boarded its self and been taken as an English prize. Whether Captain Lucky Lee decides he wants to keep it is of course up to him. The morale of this action is that you should not try to board a bigger ship as they tend to have more crew and more marines. Hard Luck Loki!

Well I am out all day Saturday and all day Sunday so the next post is most likely on Monday. needless to say those captains still in the game I will need their turns BY 8am Saturday the 7th December.

But just before I go. My 2 anti-heroes for Curt's Analogue painting challenge have now arrived.  And that picture is just to tease you as I am aware that Bombshell Miniatures are not commonly known. So don't all go looking to see what anti-hero I have selected to do. But I will give you a clue it is the nickname of a well known blogger! (Saying no more!)

Thanks for looking again today. All the best Clint!