Monday, 6 July 2015

VBCW Command group

 2 Command figures for a VBCW Anglican League. These should give the "Friars" the first squad shown 2 days ago a little more "Omph". Obly 2 figures that I grant you and painted for Mat, so after the weekend I will only see them opposite me as I try to kill them.

The figure with the blue beret carries a bible and has the spirit of God and is armed with an SMG just for any who doubt his words. I do not know who makes him but clearly he does mean business.

WHile the figure with the flag is again from Artizan Designs with just a little conversion so he can carry a flag pole. The flag is by Solway and supposed to represent Rochester but living 3 miles away it is not a Flag I have seen before. They may well have done the research or they may have just made it up to fit the VBCW background I just do not know.

All in all the figures were a delight to paint and should make Mat happy. There should be another squad finished before the week end so you can look forward (or not) to that.

That's it for now, all the best Clint

Sunday, 5 July 2015


As mentioned earlier in the week I will be playing "Battletech" next weekend so I thought I should paint up a few more mechs (Mecha) just so the guys would not be playing with bare plastic and bare metal. I hasten to point out I have done a very quick paint job, nothing fancy, just slapped paint on.

So here we go!

Rifleman: The Rifleman is a heave Mech at 60 tons and is one of the best well known mechs out there. It is a specialist anti-aircraft platform but well capable of defending itself and battle with other mechs. Typically armed with 2 Large Lasers, 2 Medium Lasers and 2 Light Autocannon (AC5s). Which are the longest pre clan AC' in the game. Only 10 heat sinks so it does tend to run a little hot, but not disastrously so.  The Main drawback (In my opinion) for the 60 ton Rifleman is lack of armour particularly on the back. Given the long range weapons this mech is typically used as fire support. The lack of hands may be considered a drawback by many But that is compensated by it's perceived role and the fact that it can fire it's guns 180 degrees (Vertically) to allow it to track aircraft.

This is a re-paint of one of my older metal mechs (I only had 4-5 metal mechs). As such I feel it will get much use as a proxy!

Hunchback: The Hunchback (my second) is a medium mech of 50 tons yet manages to carry the largect gun in the game and Autocannon 20 (AC20). This give it a distinctive look and for it's medium weight class makes it quite deadly at short range. Along with the AC20 it also carries 2 medium lasers and a small laser. This means that within range  (9 Hexes or 270 meters) everything other than the head mounted  small laser can fire at once! So at the shorter ranges this mech can strip armour from other mechs very effectively. The drawback as hinted at previously is that it has a relatively short range but when it does fire and hit you will know it! No mech is ever perfect and we all have favourites and this mech is rather brutal and usually does not need to carry more than 10 Ac shots to get the job done but it will get shot up while trying to get within effective range.

This plastic mech has a missing right hand, it's a shame to say but I got it in a box set and it came that way. (Oh well).

The Jenner: This is a light mech often used for scouting, Again lacking arms instead armed with weapon pods. It carries 4 Medium lasers and well as a Short Range Missile system (SRM 4) . At 35 tone it is on the larger size for a scout mech but it has a phenomenal speed of 11 when running (5 walking). So going in a straight line while on open terrain means it could travel 11 hexes in a turn. As mentioned above the AC on the Hunchback only has a range of 9 hexes so this really is nippy and is the fastest mech I have ever PERSONALLY piloted. One thing I have yet to mention about this mech is the jump capability. It can use jumpjets as well and they will propel it in any direction across any terrain 5 hexes a turn. (or less if you choose). Given all this speed and jump capability it does lack armour, but as a light mech in a scout role what did we really expect. It is not designed to fight toe to toe with other mechs but will happily take on mechs of it's own weight or lighter.Many weapons variants exist but the weapons listed above are the standard.

Not my favourite mech but I can and do respect it in the right hands. A good mech for the weight.

Grasshopper: A heavy mech of 70 tons this mecha lacks "Serious" firepower for it's weight. With 1 large laser and 4 medium lasers and a small (lrm5) Long Range Missile system for me it lacks "Punch". It is jump capable and does carry a good amount of armour (more than a Warhammer or Marauder or even and Archer all of which have the same weight limit.) The LRM5 does not give it enough long range capacity the large laser helps of course but this mech really does need to get within 9 hexes to inflict much damage at all. The Grasshopper has lots of heat sinks so overheating should never be a problem which means it can run cold and not worry about movement or aiming penalties at least until armour is penetrated.

Again not a fan of this mech from 20 years ago but played by an adult (Physically if not mentally) this mech could be quite useful as it can soak up a lot of damage.

Whitworth: The 40 ton Whitworth is on the lower side of Medium mechs. Which is not to say it's wimpy. It is quite a balanced build and can cause problems. Originally designed as a Scout mech to fill the gap between a Locust and a Phoenix Hawk it's main problem is that it now lacks a distinct on the battlefield. Not a bad mech by any means it has 2 Long range missile (LRM10') systems as well as 3 medium lasers and even jump capability.  The long range weapons are useful but not powerful enough for a stand off mech and the Medium lasers do not do enough damage at short range to make this a close in mech. Some variants replace the LRMs with SRMs which does give it a set role but it is a compromise. It is a good mech when used well but alas that was not something I ever managed to do well in the game. 10 heatsinks means that this can run hot when at close range but not as hot as some mechs get. If using this mech I would stay at long range and use LRMs and then get in close to finish off anything badly damaged by any other mech.  Not a bad all round mech but on the light side for a medium mech and it lacks an obvious use.

Catapult: a 65 tom heavy mech with some notable long range capabilities. Each arm carries a LONG range Missile system (LRM15) while the torso carries 4 medium lasers. Some varients exist with the LRMs stripped out and Phase Partial Cannons (PPCs) retrofitted but this can lead to heat problems and I believe the LRMs are better in this particular mech. The medium lasers are for close support and the mech does have a role in the secondary defensive line with some (but) limited offensive capability. On a one to one bases this mecha is very good at dealing long range damage sufficient enough to worry most mech of a similar size and hopefully weaken an opponent enough for the medium lasers at closer range.  It does have some jump capability so is capable of intricate manoeuvres through difficult terrain so will keep up with most (non scout) mechs. Like all mechs it does depend on how it is used but generally it is quite balanced.

All the comments are my personal views and experiences and it does depend on how you and your opponents do play. So if your experiences differ I will not be at all surprised. My main Mech was a Griffin for example so all my comments come from that background.

Not the best mechs in the world, but better than none at all. Thanks for looking and I hope you are having a really great weekend. \All the best Clint

Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Friars (Squad 1)

Continuing to paint a VBCW force for my mate Matt today I present "The Friars". "The Friars" LINK are a group of clergy from Aylesford Priory on the banks of the River Medway. And being local to Matt and myself he has decided to include them as part of his "Anglican League" force. As such these figures are all in the brown Monks Habits typical of Regular clergy. I am not saying the monks are a violent breed just that they have taken clothing references from Monastic orders. The figures are all "Artizan Designs" in their WW2 French section Link 2 . And rather than painting the clothing as African a simple colour swap to brown has them all in monks habits! I think that was a good spot by Matt and quite clever to see.

The 6 above are all rank and file rifle armed figures while the 3 figures to the right are more of command bearing or light support support.

Starting on the left you will note the "Adrian" Helmet of French origin as well as the Thompson sub machinegun. A typical squad would not have an smg as they were not standard issue in the 1939 British army. Then we have a Lewis-Gunner. The Lewis gun was a weapon swap carried out by Mat. While an obsolete gun at the time it had only just been replaced by the Bren gun in all units of the British army so is still very suitable for a Very British Civil War force. The last figure (on the right) is armed with an automatic pistol and a walking stick so one can clearly think of him as an officer. But he could be the Lewis gunners number two or a Medic or other supporting role. That is something I can and will leave to Matt to sort out.

The final figure shows a close up of their faces/ being Artizan the faces are very well sculpted so despite my dodgy camera skills you can see that they have come out. I do have more to do so expect another squad of these in a weeks time.

Thanks for looking,enjoy the weather whatever it is doing where you are and with luck another post on Sunday.

Cheers Clint, have a good one!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Up a creek with out a........

Continuing the French Indian wars theme, I have pain ted a canoe! So just a simple piece of scenery. The Canoe is part of the Redoubt range and I got this one without any figures as Tim does the resin castings for Redoubt and this one was a miss cast. As a Miss cast he could not sell it to a customer paying the full price, and as once the resin has been cast you cannot (as far as I am aware) reclaim anything from it. So it has taken a fair amount of work filling air bubbles and filing down the sides where the resin had pooled but finally after a few hours (about 3 1/2) the model looked good enough for me to slap some paint on and get it finished.

If the model had not been miss cast I would be full of praise for it. I really do like it and may even get a few more (even if they were miss cast) as I think they would lend a bit of atmosphere to any French Indian war Game. And knowing that if I was to buy one it would not be miss cast but pristine does fill me with confidence about the company not wanting to pass on second best to their buyers. So that's a BIG thumbs up from me.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Muskets and Tomahawks (Again)

Well it was a club day yesterday and Tim Bought along  his "Muskets and Tomahawks " models for a game following an email from me in the week asking what he wanted to do to which he replied "As the oldest and wisest among us I will make the decision! I went with it.

The scenario was pretty much the same one we played at the Broadside show but this time with the British attacking and the French defending. There really were a few differences like all the regular troops starting off table and having to arrive, the French also had an artillery piece (More of that later) and a blockhouse and the British troops had a few special abilities (Rangers with sharp shooter skills for example.) You get the idea basically the same game but with a few tweaks.

 The table looking from the wooded wilderness towards the settlement and block house (Top left hand corner.
 The three characters from the book/film with Natty Bumpole (aka Hawkeye, you can see why he changed his name!) on the left next to Uncas and Chingwachok (Yeah Ok I spelt it wrong, so sue me!)
 The first few actions were all about getting the regulars on the tabe and out of the Block house. I controlled all the irregulars so this was nothing to worry about for me. The cannon might have been a worry but despite it firing at every opportunity failed to make a single hit in the whole game. But it was enough to worry us. I even set the three characters up to take a shot at the crew at extreme range but with typical dice rolling could not have hit a barn door even if I was standing inside the afore mentioned barn. Oh well, it's the thought that counts.
Rob was controlling the French irregulars, against my British irregulars, Tim Played the British Regulars and Mast the French Regulars. Not two separate boards but a river in the middle! (In case you wondered what the Blue strip was).
 The French Indians are in quite big groups. And with the Coeur de Bois got lots of actions before I could do very much at all, but being card driven activations I knew I would get mine more towards the end of the turn. But this did allow them to advance quite far into my half of the table without any response.
 Yep here they come!
 I did finally manage to get some shooting done at them and force a recoil. But my light Infantry (in the Red were in an exposed position.
 Meanwhile Tim and Mat get their regulars on the table and Tim looses a volley. Totally annihilating some civilised French Indians. So First blood to the British. We were on a surge!
 Over on my side the Indians were now in cover and no matter how many dice I rolled I just could not hit them. So much for my rangers and the "Sharpe-shooters" skill. But they look good in the Photo so that counts for something.
 The British Indians are forced by morale to recoil of of the ridge line and out of cover.
 Things are not going Tims way either! So much for the surge! The two settlers in the building manage to force the British "Blue Jackets" to recoil. So there would be no burning of the settlement this or the next few turns.
 The French Regular Lines fired. Big Units in Muskets and Tomahawks are lethal. Tim looses 16 regular troops in one round of firing.
 The British Light Infantry moved both to cover from standing out in the open and getting shot at and to a position to block the French advance.
 More regular shooting and one of the British 32 man units is reduced to 4 men only. (Yet somehow passes morale!)
 The British Indians fire at the French Locally raised militia and do diddly squat! But all is not lost afterall it is only one round of bad dice rolls.
 The French settlers continue to punish the "Blue Jackets". On paper they have no chance but that's before any dice are rolled.

Bob Launches a close assault and I beat them Back. So I launch one in retaliation and cause casualties but the French pass their morale so hold the line.

Then as luck would have it the French get two Indian cards in a row and manage to charge two of my units (the Light Infantry and my Rangers who are already in melee. The writing is on the wall and both my units are instantly reduced to s signal man and an officer each. I pass the morale and they cannot run away and have to fight on!

Time is now getting late and I have far too many troops to hold the left wing and Tim's regulars are so badly chewed up we concede the game. A Major French Victory!

Well done to Mat and Bob. And commiserations to Me and Tim!

While it is subject to change next month at the club I will be teaching some guys "Battletech" and 2 weeks after that we plan to do a Chain of Command VBCW> So that's the plan anyway.

Thanks for reading today have fun and I hope to see you all soon.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Zulus in headdress.

Well it has been 6 months since I touched this project simply because having bought all the stuff and started and gotten started I just found very little joy in doing it. But you know me eventually I do return to old projects and get them moved on.

The figures are all Newline Design in 10mm. I selected 10mm for my Zulu army for two reasons. 1 you do need a lot of Zulus to make it
look good which for ease of storage and ease of Transportation means small figures. And 2 as my Mahdists and British are in 10mm it just made sense to keep them the same scale so I can use things in both cases.

So here we have 27 figures of Zulus in headdresses and Black and white cow hide shields. They come in packs of 30 figures but I dropped one figure while undercoating it out of doors so I just cut them back to the next unit size (27) until I found him and started the next lot. He is now found and ready to spray with primer and that will be started this afternoon. They will not be done in a hurry though as I do not get a sense of achievement from doing them but hope to by seeing a mass of them when finished.

There are only 3 poses in each pack and at 10mm tall little need to convert any or change them, Just a simple change of shield pattern and they are good to go. At the rate I am painting these I might get them finished in the next 5 years. But I suspect it will be quicker as the more you do the faster you get AND the more you want to paint them as the mass grows. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

That's it for today, Have fun enjoy the sun and I should post again on Monday and I hope an AAR.

All the best Clint

Monday, 22 June 2015

A Very British Civil War (part 2)

I know my blog posting schedule is way of target. There should not be a blog post today, but as I have just finished this I thought to share it with everyone. Firstly let us talk about chocolate, yes I am an addict! I have to say that at all the meetings I go to of "Chocoholics Anonymous!" I am not making light of anyone if they do have a problem I do feel for them, truly I do. At Salute this year I picked up a couple of dice and a model for Mathyoo (LINK) that well known Slovenian Blogger. When he asked how to repay me I simply asked for some local Slovenian chocolate. And I was delighted on Saturday when this turned up. And jolly tasty it is to! And NO! I am not going to share it with you nor give it back, instead I shall just smile and rub my tummy and think nice thoughts. So anyway a BIG thank you Mathyoo for sending it to me it is very much appreciated!

But you do not want to know about the contentment in my belly you want to know about figures. So today I have a Very British Civil War set from Musketeer Miniatures, which are now sold by footsore miniatures. These are part of the platoon with one Boys Antitank Rifle in each platoon.  Here is a wiki link in case you have not come across them before. (LINK) but I suspect you already know all that and may even own several models of it as well and realise that they are not all that good at stopping tanks after 1941. But they would make a mess of an armoured cars or truck engine . For the setting of A Very British Civil War they should be perfectly adequate though, especially as neither Matt nor myself will ever dream of putting a "Matilda" on the games table for this conflict, Some things are just not Cricket!

Each Platoon should also have a 50mm Mortar as well, but more about that when I get round to painting mine.(I have yet to buy one!)

As you can see 2 figures as a crew both dressed in civilian clothes and both ready to help defend the River Medway as part  of the Anglican league. They may be the only antitank weapons we will ever need for the game. But I did notice that Warlord games do make a 25mm BEF Antitank gun so that may well be an upcoming purchase. But don't hold your breath.

That's it for today these figures will be in Matts collection on Sunday and I may use the next few days to  sort out my collection for the battle of the Medway as I have nothing on the painting table this instant. Or I might go back to Necrons or finish some fantasy dwarfs or heaven only knows what,

Thanks for Looking today. All the best from Clint

Saturday, 20 June 2015

A Vary British Civil War (1)

Yes slightly early in posting this as I was due to post tomorrow, but instead you can have it tonight. Ever since I played the Too Fat Lardies rules "Chain of Command" I have been  thinking of a force and setting to "do" I was originally going to "Do"  The Pacific theatre in ww2. But now due to Matt getting me to paint some VBCW figures in 28mm from Musketeer miniatures I am thinking of swaping to a Very British Chain of Command. Needles to say this will create some difficulties as there are no "Official" army lists, but a search has yielded a discussion on a Yahoo forum about it. All I intend to do for most of my troops is to paint an arm band on them. So expect to see the first squad within a week.

These figures are for matts "Anglican League" as mentioned above they are "Musketeer Miniatures" now sold by Footsore miniatures. All in lovely 28mm and all dressed in civilian clothes. Given the propensity of men of this era to wear suits even to work in a factory I have painted them up in mostly blues and browns to make it look like suits are being worn. Shirts and overcoats and tank top woolly jumpers are also in evidence. They mostly do have helmets and military webbing to go with the strongly military weapons. As well as SMLE rifles and Webley revolvers there is also a Lewis Gun and a submachine gun. I addition there is a guy with an improvised explosive device (Molotov Cocktail).

This unit carries the flag and Banner of Chatham and Matt did mention something about them being dock workers from the Naval base. The Officer, probably a clerk has a row of medals on his chest from the 1914-18 war. And perhaps the shop steward has a flat cap and SMG to go with his mac

Well that's it for today. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and as I look around a boot fair bright and early tomorrow morning I will be looking for some suitable transport for my first squad!

Cheers Guys all the best from Sunny Kent

Clint out!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Rusty Regiment, part 4

Not such a huge amount to show this day, I am continuing to repaint my necrons and I should have some VBCW stuff finished in a couple more days as well. But today 3 bases of Necron Scarabs. These count as fast attack weapons for the Necrons and the three bases come in at 60 points so given that each base has 3 wounds and 4 attacks are actually good value for points. |Add to that that they do not have guns so most players don't bother too much about shooting them until they get close means that they do tend to get overlooked as most players would rather deal with things that are causing them harm at that instant.

So not terribly exciting for the moment but additions to the rusty regiment none the less.

Thanks for looking today and with luck some more on Sunday, But by more I do not mean more of these, just more painted figures.

Catch you later Clint

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Broadside Game 2015

Yes I got the year right this time! Stop sniggering I can't help it!

Ok so for the Broadside Game this year Tim Hosted the game using all his figures and scenery and his knowledge of the rules. The Rules we were using were "Muskets and Tomahawks" and the setting was the French Indian Wars, somewhere in Canada. Matt played the British, Tim acted as Ref and I played the French. All the figures were "Redoubt" and painted by Tim. And I must say did look good.

There were a couple of side missions, My Indians had to loot the village for example and Matts Civilians had to escape! Both Matt and myself set up our regulars in the open areas  opposite each other with our irregular troops in the woods and for the most part across the river.

The doors for the show opened at 10am so that is when we started simply chatting and going over rules and forces before that time. No point in stressing about it. I must say we could have all played faster, but that would have meant no time away from the table for a look around or shop and a lot less time chatting to the people there, but as both those activities are important to a show I am sure you'll forgive us all.
 After a very short time the Irregulars were in a position to start firing. The card activated turn sequence was with me and I got the first few units to fir. While not devastating it did give first blood to me as my Indians with muskets and frontiersmen chance to get their eyes in. I do send a small unit of Indians towards the village and they take 3 activations to cross the river. But they have no muskets and only hand to hand weapons.
 Two casualties from the British Rangers who were not in cover thanks to some lucky dice and Matt learnt that cover is your friend as his return fire was not as effective as that and I took no casualties. But the skirmish in the woods was underway and it would continue all day long in real life or about 30 minutes in the figures life.
 Out on the open areas, again my French big units fired first. If you have never played Muskets and Tomahawks with big units and several people during the day said they had not, you will note that they can take a lot of casualties before they need to worry about morale very much. Likewise when they do shoot they can and do make a bloody mess. On Average between 7-9 casualties inflicted each time they fire.
Matt was eager to get the civilians away and lead them straight in front of the French firing line. We did suggest he was employing them as a human shield to protect his regular units. Tim said any casualties inflicted would have to be on the Civilians before the Regular British units could take a single hit. Did that stop me firing at the unarmed civilians? The short answer is NO! I was not aware of Matts secret mission at this stage. But one phase of firing and they were all dead and some excess hits had gotten through to the British!
 Out in the open areas the mas ranks of the firing slowly grinds units down until they start to fail morale tests. The British will fail a morale test  and withdraw 4 inches in the French turn. Then in the British turn they will advance back into the firing line and fire on the French, forcing them to withdraw. And so it continues neither side giving an inch to the other player but the mass ranks getting more sparse each turn.
 Meanwhile back in the woods. The British Indians move up and bring fire on my Frontiersmen who instantly fail a morale check and they flee back to safety and out of sight hovering 4-5 inches from my base line. Lucky shots from some of my Canadian militia force the British Irregulars back as well. 
 To make things a bit more interesting Tim brings on some reinforcements for the British,  A small bunch of civilians with a mission. And my closest troops currently hiding due to the morale can make no actions at all so have to let them get very close.
 Another British unit (Large and Regular) is also bought onto the game. But these are to make the game look better and are a long way from any action and knowing the day is coming to a close I decide not to bring my reserves on, as the only logical place would get them into the fight far too early and would unbalance the game.
 But as the show ends in 15 mins I make a mad dash with my melee Indians and get them to the outskirts of the village. In truth they had moved at every opportunity in the game but had taken their time in clearing the river and the wood edge, but they did finally make the village just as the game was set to end.
And as my last action my Frontiersmen recovered from the disastrous morale check of earlier and were able to assault the civilians. Which resulted in another casualty for them and my slaying of Uncas and my capturing of one of the females!
That was it and the time had run out. It pretty much was a draw, but Tim and Matt declared it a French victory as I had managed to capture one of the cinematic leading ladies and had the Indians in the village to loo as much as they wanted. But the cost to my regular troops was so high that in reality it really was a draw. But a fun game and the rues worked very well and gave a fun game and that means as far as I am concerned Mat, Tim and myself were all equal winners on the day.
Thanks for looking today more again soon. Cheers from Clint