Saturday, 22 November 2014

Turn 17 Results.

Yes It's that time of the week again. And here are the latest turn results.  As you can see from the turn sequence all the movement happened at the end of the turn which has not been so fortunate as some people would hope.


 The overall picture of the board. All the pictures following this are taken anti-clockwise starting at the back left.
 Firstly we can see the Spanish Frigate heading towards 2 prizes. Is it possible that they will be claimed for Spain! If so Don Reidy's crew will be rich indeed.

 Don Reidy is not totally in the clear though as HMS Agamemnon may have different ideas. And may turn on "Mecedes"
 These 3 Spanish ships may have slipped past the British. Or they may circle back to bring more destruction. Only time will tell.
 A fire was extinguished on HMS Agamennon last turn and has started again this turn due to El Interceptor as both ships exchanged broadsides at short range.
 Both Seb and Millsy are past the British and one of the two is heading to HMS Challenge with mischief on their mind.
 Captain Campbell and Senior Lee are still escorting each other from the battle, neither is strong enough to claim the other as a prise or weak enough to yield their own ship. They have literally fought to exhaustion and lack enough crew now to decide the contest.
Senior Loki has also carried out a boarding action against the larger ship HMS Pachyderm. The action is ongoing but the smart money has got to be on HMS Pachyderm as the larger ship. Both ships did manage to fire at each other before any boarding actions were attempted. Now only time will tell the out come is by no means certain.

OK folks, that's it for this week but REMAMBER>

Next turn is on Friday as I am busy all next weekend.

All the best to you all. Have a good weekend.


Friday, 21 November 2014

More 6mm Cold war stuff

Let's start with the Gepard (Cheetah in English) a German anti Aircraft tank. As you can see it has lots of radar as well as two rapid firing cannons.

I only ever bought 2 of these as I have never been too excited by them for some reason. Which seems strange to me as they are quirky enough for me to like the look of them.

In the cold war period 2 of them can be attached to a headquarters to act as anti-aircraft support. so they should function well after all no reason not to use the guns on soft skins as well.

Next up two M901 TOW launchers. Tow being an anti Tank Guided weapon. While I can't find them in my TO&E for mid 80's cold war German forces. They were/are used by several different armies so I suspect they could be on the battle field. The one in the picture I think is Japanese but I am not sure. The Germans tended to use Jaguars with Milan or Hott missiles. So I shall do some of those pretty soon.

Clearly the basic carrier is an M113 which has been adapted to an anti-tank role by carrying TOW missiles.

Finally for today here are 6 Mann trucks for Logistics support. In games where the vehicles are so small there is no need to just concentrate on the fighting vehicles. I feel that logistic support is something vital to the battle field if only as targets for the opposition. I would strongly state that they are more than just targets though for without them the battles could not be fought as all sorts of supplies would run short very quickly.

So here are 6 of the beauties all ready to transport things to and from the point of FEBA (Forward Edge of the Battle Area) . I have misplaced the canvas tilt on one but that all adds to the variety of the beasts.

All these figures are about 25 years old to me (possibly older) and originally came from Heroics and Ros a company I believe to be still going. I would encourage anyone wanting to do this scale and era to do an internet search and I am sure you'll find them with little difficulty. I Believe they were at the Salute show this year so I am sure they are still active.

That's it for today, thanks for looking. All the best Clint

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Yes I continue to re-paint my 1/300th scale stuff from about 25 years ago. Today being the M106 mortar carriers. These are M113's but carrying 120mm mortars which provide close support on a battle field with what we consider heavy mortars. The advantage clearly is that they can carry some ammunition as well as move without the need to set up each time. Thus it makes a "Shoot and Scoot" tactical doctrine far more possible.

As Mathyoo wanted something to scale these figures I have included a neon ball point pen in the foreground of the first picture. With luck this should give him and everyone else an idea of just how small we are talking with regard to this scale. As you can see 6 finished in total which should be more than enough for a game. If you are struggling to see them I would remind you that they are camouflaged.

I have finished a few other vehicles as well but not sufficient to make up a full unit of anything else. So I will continue today to expand these up and with luck another unit will come to fruition before too long. I am enjoying these as they are a small and easy thing to complete in a day (The bases take MORE TIME THAN THE VEHICLES).

Thanks for looking and with luck more of the same on Friday.

All the best Clint

Post script: I have been struggling to get an "Anti Hero" for the Analogue Painting challenge . For me the definition of an "Anti Hero" is very vague . A hero that is flawed. But surely everyone on the planet has some character flaw.

If not I have yet to meet them.

 So It needs to be a flaw that the author (or Tv/Film Company) highlight. It seems to me that another author might not think of this flaw as a flaw at all.  Or that things we once thought of as a flaw such as being Gay (in the 60's), or owning slaves (if you were a Roman)  Might not be a flaw at all but more a response to the times we and they would live in. I hope this explains my dilemma in selecting an "Anti Hero".  But I have at last ordered one and I hope it will be with me shortly. Is it an "Anti Hero" that's up to you to decide I think.

Semi Rant over!

Cheers Guys.

Monday, 17 November 2014

No AAR. Just some Armoured cars.

What, no AAR? Nope not today.  Tim was going to put on a beneath the Lilly Banners Game on but due to family problems was unable to attend. SO I was invited into 2 other games but just could not get my act together enough to get involved, so I didn't.

So I went home and repainted and rebased some old cold war figures. Those of us of a certain "Vintage" will recognise the German armoured car known as the "Luchs" or Lynx in English. Pictured to the right is a real one. It's not a fluffy cat by the way as you can see it's an 8 wheeled armoured car.

Here are 4 of my own. The real one is to show the camouflage and the model ones are to show what it looks like on the table top. You may remember that a few months ago I finished my cold war Russian Desant troops and know as you can see I have started my German troops. If you follow this LINK It will take you to the Wiki page and you can read all the details of it if you wish.

No Not quite the same photo, this one is at a slightly Higher angle and the flash has caught the side of one of them. (Naughty flash naughty).

The vehicles are Heroics and Ros who are still going and are in 6mm or if you prefer 1/300th scale. (1mm to the foot in old scale terminology).

There are plenty more to do but I had to start somewhere and reconnaissance just made sense.

That's it folks, thanks for looking today. All the best Clint

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Turn 16 Results.

Yes it's that time of the week again. Boy does it seem to come round faster and faster. I suspect there is not that many turn left now though. As several ships really are on their last legs and one ship has lost all the guns on one side! I mention no names! But I will tell him in his individual damage report.

About 1/2 the players Ok slightly less then half did not get turns in this week they know who they are and as such things like repairs and shooting become harder for them. And unless I do get a turn order they don't change course at all and just go where the wind blows them. Ahh well.
Yes that's me on a step lader over my garage inspection pit waiting for the accident to happen. Hands up if you think I am daft? Yes all of you.  Only one hand Ray both hands does not make me double daft!

All the following photos start at the left hand rear most sector and work anti-clockwise round the board.

Ok here we go.
 Poor Edwin on HMS Inconsistent being fired on by 3 Spanish ships has this turn struck his colours. But that was after he was also to change course and shoot into them as well. So congrats to the Dons for forcing him out of the game. And Commiserations for Mr King who really has done a very good job of lasting so long in the game while under continued threat of destruction, and only being on one mast.
 HMS Cutlass finally did get a shot off but his best target was masked behind HMS Agamemnon. San Francis and SS Guarno both look like they are now past the British line and may (if they choose) make it to open water. But yet I suspect they will come back looking to get a prize. The Scallywags!
 Unicornico has once more taken a battering and is in a poor state now listing, taking on water as well as Sangria! I know what Mathyoo is like.
 The only thing that is in the way for Milsey if HMS Challenge and Captain Campbell is still escorting SS Pina Colada from the board.

Meanwhile at the other side of the board Captain Big/Lucky Lee) Hadley was able to unload a broadside at long range into Loki without reply. When Loki had the chance to fire he was out of arc. The rules can be horrid like that. (But I like them as It means I can blame the rules and not my command inadequacies).

As you should all know if you want any pictures I will send them out as soon as possible but kindly allow 48 hours as sometimes real life gets in the way. AND I will expect your next turns to be in by the 22nd November.

Thanks for looking all. And expect an AAR on Monday. all the best Clint

Friday, 14 November 2014

Paint Monkey Rides Yet Again.

Well I have just finished the next lot for Matt. Yes More Northwest Frontier Indian Cavalry. Another 6. (for a total of 12 this time out) as I have done 6 more earlier in the week. Yes Joe at the end are a couple of group shots but the light is terrible so they have not come out too well. Oh well. Can't be helped that's British weather for you.

In the first picture you can see an officer and a musician. I have no idea who makes the horses as it is tediously difficult to get spare horses. The Men though I think are Foundry.

And the second picture shows the 6 together. I am afraid I had to use a flash so they may look a little bright in the pictures. 4 additional troopers round out the officer and musician. and with the other 6 make a total of 12 which should be enough for a unit in most rules.

A unit of 12 is just too big to put against a background given my photography skills so these are taken against my dining room table sloth.

So that should give you an idea and only an idea of what a unit might look like. Paint monkey has a week off now. At least a week as Matt does not require anymore straight away, but he says that he'll pass some more to me next Sunday. So like I said a week off and I can paint stuff for me. Not sure what yet we shall both just have to wait and see what materialises!

Well that's it thanks for looking and I am happy to say my Mojo has well and truly retuned as I have got a few wargames ideas for the future. So maybe a new project for me soon.

Take care all and with luck see you all soon.
All the best Clint

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Paint Monket Rides again!

 Here are the latest additions to Matts growing Northwest frontier collection. This time as you can see cavalry in British service. Matt has banned (ok Suggested ) that I do not say he is content with these, but that he liked the last lot. So I see no reason he would not like this lot as well.

There are 6 in all. in two separate poses.  I am not totally sure but I think these are more  Foundry given the sculpting and proportions of the figures which are really quite nice.  Please do not take this as a colour guide as I am not sure it should be 100% correct. I think the turbans should need to be a little bit darker and more brown for instance but I like the cream as it works as a nice counterbalance to the drabness of the uniform so I will not at this stage be changing it.

In addition to the swords rifles in holsters can clearly be see. I suspect that this would make them very versatile on the table top able to dismount and defend objectives as well as charge in and cause mayhem.

There are 6 More for me to do at this stage,might be more in the future. So you may expect to see some more before the end of the week. yes I will do a group shot at the end. You always seem to want group shots, and who am I to disagree.

Thanks for looking today. more soon well soonish! So that's it thanks for popping by and more of the same again soon.

Take care, and remember no Bananas were consumed in the painting of these figures. Although I might treat myself to an orange!
 Cheers Clint.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Turn 15 Results

Yes that time of the week again. So what has happened! Well the turn sequence was a healthy balance between Red and Blue, British and Spanish actions. As always I will start with the turn sequence then the view from the step ladder and then work around from left to right round the table. Nearly everyone is involved now, I think we just have 2 frigates looking to get involved, but they will be soon I think.

 Closest I can get to an Ariel view. Yes from the top step on a step ladder hanging onto a roof rafter. Not few yet so I will wait until snow is on the ground and the shed door open just to make you all say nice things on the blog! (while I recover in hospital) That will probably not ever happen!

 The Spanish Frigate "Meccedes" races into range of the British ships but so far out of arc that nothing should bother her this -next turn. Unless of course you know better!
HMS Inconsistent looses another mast (How careles) from the combined shooting of El interceptor, San Francis and even the Frigate Unicornico.. Three on to one lads hardly fair!
 Unicornico nearly stern Rakes HMS Inconsistent but moves so far in and out of arc that the rake was missed. HMS Agamemnon manages to put a fire out and then it gets restarted by gunfire. An  HMS Cutlass is just out of arc so does not get to shoot at a 64 gun Spanish ship of the line. San Francis fires with great accuracy into HMS Inconsistent but wastes a shot firing at a mast that has just been destroyed.
 The Spanish ships have now mostly burst through the British line scattered as it was. but seem unconcerned with getting away in damaged ships (some very damaged  some UNTOUCHED!) but more concerned with destroying the British fleet. But the British will not sink too easily and their return fire is quite telling.
 SS Guarno's fire is still burning as she heads towards the Spanish ship SS Pina Colada (which has struck her colours) and HMS Challenge which is still in the game but intent on taking the Spanish ship as a Prise, yet for some reason is not engaged in any boarding actions. Both players know the reason for this but the rest of you don't!
 HMS Challenge has sent a signal message of flags into her rigging asking any nearby allied ships for assistance. The closest British ship is HMS Pachyderm and they are sailing away from the encounter and towards Loki's "Revenge of the Mermaid".
Big Lee does manage to fire on Loki this turn, but at extreme range only achieves minimal damage. It might has slowed Lokis quaffing of fine red wines for a moment. Little more.

That's it for today folks. As always if you want more Pics send me an email and as long as they are about the game I should get them back to you within 48 hours. I will try for 12 but you know what life can be like at times.

I will send out individual damage reports this afternoon. But just to say several ships are now in trouble. Deadline for the next turn orders is 8am (GMT) 15th November.

Thanks for having a look today and I hope to see you all soon. All the best Clint.

Friday, 7 November 2014

5th Analogue Painting Challenge

And the message is out! Curt LINK has started to accept people on the 5th Analogue Painting Challenge. I was lucky enough to participate last year and have put myself forward again this year.

I have yet to be officially accepted but as I had some fun last year I thought that I should try again. It really is a huge amount of work for Curt as well as his wife and I really do appreciate it. If I am not accepted this year I would at this stage like to rip out the hearts of all the other challengers. Erhm I mean I would like to wish all the other challengers the very best of luck in reaching there personal goals within the challenge. (Ok that bit did stick in my craw!)

The Challenge starts on 5th December (12:01 AM cst). ends at 12:01 Central standard time 20th March 2015. I really did have a Huge amount of enjoyment doing this last year and am now looking forward to it immensely.

The Target.

I am setting a target for myself of 1250 points. And for me that is a lot of points. Higher than last years target as I do want to push myself hard this time. No resting on laurels and I want to wear a brush or two out.

The Hard Way

I am calling it the hard way as I am not accepting any bonus points from the fortnightly bonus rounds. If I entered each of the bonus rounds I could accept extra points each fortnight. But last year while they were fun I am shirking that part of the challenge. I found them a distraction from the real endeavour of painting figures. If by chance I finish something that coincides with a themed bonus round I will delay sending it to Curt just long enough not to be in the bonus round. While this may sound to some of you like some self flagellation I feel it is important to set some rules and then FOLLOW them.

The Hit List

Ok so what have I got lined up ready to paint? Well I have the following that I want to get done.
  •  10mm Zulus. (Newline design and Pendraken mixture)
  • 15mm Sci Fi (Brigade)
  • 15mm Sci fi (GZG)
  • Full thrust ships (GZG)
  • 28mm British 25 lbs (West Wind I think)
  • Possibly a 15mm Ancient army  (Magister Militum) Destined for eBay I think.
  • 28mm Medieval peasants (make unknown)
  • Anything else that takes my fancy! Really could be anything!
Additionally I will need to paint up some form of ANTI HERO or dastardly being for Curt's entry fee. I already have a few ideas, maybe a gangster maybe I'll get a better idea! How knows.

The Above list is not restrictive, I may get some 10mm WW2 or some 6mm Arab Israeli wars stuff or even paint up a blood bowl team. At this stage the only Definite are the first 2 things on the list. As I have a hankering for Zulus!

The Rest of it!

If anyone comes up with a good suggestion for an anti hero they would like to see don't be shy and let me know. No Guarantees I will get it done, but nothing lost by suggesting it!

I think I came 14th last year, so I do not expect or intend to get in the top ten. (Without them all having some kind of accident, which I would not wish on them.). Yes I would like to come 1st but as I have my feet on the ground I had better take my head out of the clouds.

So good luck to you all. Thanks for looking and take good care of yourselves!
All the best Clint


Thursday, 6 November 2014

10mm Sams

Well long time blog members will remember that I have been painting 10mm samurai on and off for a few years. It has been 10 months since I painted any. So yes here are a few more before I get the Paint Monkey to paint some more 28mm figures for Matt.

So here they are 10mm Pendraken Mounted Samurai armed with Yari. 13 in all and I have yet to do the sashimono back banners. Clearly these are destined for my red army. 4 Bases of 3 figures and a single figure on a 20mm square base to represent a general. I have an equal about to still do for my blue/grey army. They will be about the last of my figures done and there will be 2 armies (or else).

Thanks for looking today. I hope you are all well and happy take care and with luck, see you all soon. All the best Clint

Monday, 3 November 2014

Beaten by the potato clan!

At the club yesterday I had my first ever game of "Longship" by Peter Pig. I was playing against Matt (who was very pleased with the figures and not "Content" as I had speculated he would be. He thought that me calling him content was derogatory and It was not meant as such but I do apologise to him for thinking that! Please no one make any comments about this or I'll get an ear bent properly this time). Anyway Matt selected an Irish force, I think it was because they had war dogs), I had a Viking force!

I won most of the pregame and was the raiding force. This was my first mistake. I should have built up more pregame points and then defended! (Insert evil laugh of your choice here). Having now played the rules I now realise this would have been a better tactic! (Bet I will forget that next time!)

So here's how the game went. Yes Matt kept saying Potatoes in an Irish accent even though we both knew that they had not made their way to Europe yet. So the start of the game had most of my army on the board (I had to roll for a random unit to start off table..... yes it was my elite unit rolled for randomly). Matt started with a Random Unit as well as some skirmishers which were a real pain to me as they kept causing minimal but effective casualties on units throughout the game and they were hard to drive away.

My reserve of table unit arrived (which in most Peter Pig games is a feat unto it self). By this time my other units had captured 3 lots of loot. Some Livestock, some women and some strong ale that sounded like a beach party for the lads that night with people to do the cooking and tidy up afterwards.
Anyway my reserve unit started a long way up the table. (Green counters represent possible loot which I would need to search for. My second large mistake was that I set fire to one of the Irish villages. This alerted the surrounding aborigines and then lots more turned up. Lots more. let me say that again LOTS more! Seriously a LOT More.

Matt did bring a unit on close to my reserve unit who managed to beat them of in a single turn and send them fleeing off the board. But the middle of the bard became more of an area to squabble over. I did keep my weakest unit (which had the strong ale0 in the corner and out of the way formed into a shield wall to show that they were ready for action. (They never fought in the game).

 Here we can see Matt's most prolific unit. They were able to make one of my ultra butch Viking units from the field and they had to leave the livestock behind! Drat!

I was able to defeat Matts unit that had a general in it defending a hill. It was a tough fight as I was dragging some slaves along with me at the time and he was on a rough rocky hill. But win that battle I did and kept the slaves in order as well. But his Lord escaped and joined the unit above.
A second Unit came close to my elites (Now down to 4 bases. They did eventually beat me but due to losses we both had to flee the field in the end.

And then the game ended.
Matt and the Irish were declared the winner on victory points. But at the end I had 3 units still functioning and active while poor Matt had just 1. Still victory point calculations are victory point calculations. So just like the RCW game a few weeks ago victory did not go to the side that out fought the other. It's a strange Peter Pig rule so what can you do.

In My defence according to other club members (Graham as it happens) this was the most successful raid so far played at the club after 8 raids tried. Successful as at the end of the day I did have 2 loot counters (I lost the cows and was only left with the ale and the women) and I had a strong raiding force left, so I do wonder how bad the others must have been. Any way Matt won 60 VP to my 42VP.

I did like the way the rules worked. and would be happy to give this another go.

That's it for today all the best Clint.